Solar thermal collectors can give up to 10 times the coefficient of performance of a heat pump, at a much lower capital cost.

Two-thirds of a home’s energy use is normally for heating. Let’s use the sun whenever we can.

Water-based solar collectors typically yield 3 times more energy[1] than photovoltaic panels per square metre for this type of ‘dumb energy’, and they do so at a much lower cost.

The Privateer solar system re-invents ‘drain-back’ solar collectors. We:

  • Reduce cost.
  • Increase performance.
  • Improve reliability.
  • Reduce maintenance.
  • Remove mechanical complexity.
  • Lengthen product life.
  • Speed up payback.

We’re doing this by combining our design of hardware and software with novel engineering and OEM smart pumps. We’re simplifying the mechanics but increasing performance. We couple this with all-copper collectors for high performance and long life.

Our system has one moving part: the pump impeller. It uses water; not antifreeze. Because the collector’s default state is dry it cannot freeze or boil. It needs no expensive pressure tank and requires almost no maintenance.

Conforming to the first rule of Engineering “KISS” ..”Keep it simple Stupid[2]”, our goal is to create a system that is so cost-effective that it does not require government grant assistance. 

Our products are ‘local-control-only’ devices. Self-running – no need for any internet connection. Configurable with any device that can connect via an ‘old-fashioned’ serial terminal (that means anything), now and in the future. No application. No operating system. No cloud. No subscription. No reliance on anyone else. Just embedded code in our hardware modules.

Privateer Systems is a small group of software, hardware and mechanical engineers focusing on solar and renewable energy forms to make the world a better place for us and our children, and those children yet unborn.